WMP3: Lesson 02

In the second lesson we learned about how you link your WordPress (admin) account to Local by Flywheel. I think the process mostly turned itself out, it was pretty easy to find. 

We also learned how to export the site, that you can see it online.

You can customize your site through the admin panel. At first it’s kind of confusing because there are 2 kinds of wordpress panels. But once you get into the admin panel, it’s pretty fun to adjust your site!

Content management

WordPress has 3 types of content:

  1. A post – to be shared on social media and something less important
  2. A page – for on your navigation menu and if the content always needs to be there
  3. A media element: files, metadata (titles, font-size,…), can be used multiple times

Working with blocks

Every single piece of information is a block.

There are so many ways to use blocks but I din’t experiment much with them because I like the way it is now.

Things I like about WordPress customizing

I like customizing the theme, adding menu’s and pictures. I love how you can download themes and still edit them. 

I also like to work with blocks but it is sometimes hard to find what you really need.

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